Lady, will you be my girlfriend? 10 Gay Pride Songs

Gay Pride Day. It's like Mardi Grass, Fourth of July, and Halloween all in one. Decked-up drag queens in floats, shirtless chicks with pasties, ass-flossing dudes in thongs, streets excessively crowded with people wearing …
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The Out NYC Hotel Seeks Sexy Latin Man-Maids

Gawker's Brian Moylan received an anonymous tip from someone contacted to serve as a "lifestyle consultant" at New York City's way over-the-goddamned-top new gay hotel, The Out NYC. Sure, there are special …
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I eat, therefore Yo Soy

It all started with a carrot soup in the autumn of 2004.  Or more accurately, a carrot star anise soup—sweet, sunny, and tasty---that, as if out of a chapter from a Laura …
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